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2023-06-16 21:27:52
Free Word Game
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Android 5.0+


About 成語接龍挑戰

Word games use your brain, and idioms solitaire are indispensable; a word is indeed the end of this word, and it is also the first word of that word;

Do you like idiom games? Do you like Idioms Solitaire? Do you like the cultivation of doormen? Come to Idiom Solitaire to challenge! A game that satisfies all your expectations, makes your leisure time not wasted, and allows you to learn and play idiom crosswords; not only the ingenious idiom filling level design is waiting for you to challenge, but also the exquisite idiom elimination Lemenke images are waiting for you to collect! Obtain fame, build houses, attract customers, everything you want is here!

[Classic idiom solitaire gameplay, simple and easy to use]

Move your finger to select the corresponding block to fill in the corresponding idiom. The Idiom Solitaire game can also recognize the filling progress and automatically recommend a more comfortable filling order for you, allowing you to concentrate on solving the idiom game puzzles without being affected by other factors interference;

[Unique home development, novelty and fun]

From a small and poor scholar all the way to the top, the family house has also changed from a hut to a magnificent palace. Use your brains to break through one after another idiom solitaire level, increase your official rank, buy a house and land, and complete a small goal;

[Exquisite doorman, you can also dress up]

There are cute doormen in Idiom Match, which can be obtained by drawing cards, and the costumes of the doormen of Idiom Match will become more exquisite as the level increases; a variety of costumes are waiting for you to collect;

An idiom solitaire game not to be missed, you must try the idiom game~

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