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天涯明月刀 M Garena

About 天涯明月刀 M

Open world MMORPG mobile game masterpiece Tianya Mingyuedao M, the Eight Desolation School, the classic plot, the martial arts competition, the epic copy, the exquisite face, the destiny is here, are you ready to venture into the martial arts world at will?

The new version of “Eternal Night from the Dragon” Slashing Night Strikes

The land of eternal night has quietly emerged, the secret of Yuncheng is blurred, is the direction of destiny already a major event? See the new tenth martial art “Conglong”, use Wu to stop Ge, and double swords to fight the night! Join hands with young heroes to fight for the country, the society and the people!

【New martial art – Conglong】

See the tenth martial art “From the Dragon”! The double-edged blade sneaks into the shadows, the long blade cuts gold and jade, and the short blade moves like a dragon. During the battle, the long knife is charged for heavy slashing, the short knife is hit continuously, and the speed and slow are combined.

【New Main Line·Oath】

Back then, Bai Yujing bloody washed You Ye City, now, as the son of Bai Yujing, you came to the city, Cong Long Tian, ​​Cong Long Xuan and Cong Long Huang… and others have very different attitudes towards you, facing the confusing clouds However, this time, you will no longer hesitate and try your best to explore the secrets of Yuncheng and Long Ai.

【New Map – Night City】

Subverting the conventional cycle of day and night, You Ye City is built around the concept of eternal night. The four-hour rotation will no longer affect the performance of the sky box in this area, but will continue to present the unique phenomenon of the bright moon hanging high and the endless night, and the young hero will walk through Refine the Dragon Road, stroll through the White Ghost Umbrella Collection, travel the Yanlong River and visit the Conglong Temple to explore the magnificent panorama of this city.

【New Challenge Storybook – Night Fighting from Dragon】

Yuntai prisoner “Conglong Yu”, Liaodong sword “Helou Mingyue” and Yecheng’s “Conglong Xuan” will test the young heroes with their own stunts! Only when the team cooperates fully and adapts flexibly according to the combat mechanism, can they survive in the midst of fire, flying stones and swords and swords.

▣ Game Introduction ▣

“Tianya Mingyue Knife M” interprets the top performance in MMORPG mobile games, the magnificent light and shadow scenes like a scroll, the most detailed face pinching system that can be fine-tuned, the eight wilderness sects interweave a carefree combo battle, and a vast open world Let you explore every plant and tree, a huge plot with multiple branches and multiple endings, and you decide the ending of the story! Fight, cook, fish and hunt, build or just roam freely, your options know no bounds. My horizon is not only martial arts!

【Eight Desolate Sects ‧ Aspiration of Martial Arts】

The major sects are officially assembled, freely choose the profession you love, easily master the martial arts moves of the sect, and roam your martial arts world at will!

【Gu Long Novel ‧ Plot Adaptation】

The white jade capital in the sky, the twelfth floor and five cities, the adaptation of Gu Long’s classic novel, the twists and turns of the plot, the multi-branch and multi-ending task system, give you the top immersive experience!

【Open World‧Extreme Graphics】

The beautiful scene with wide sea and sky, picturesque mountains and rivers, real-time changes, detailed performance of day and night and light and shadow, in this vast world, if you want to hunt, fish, cook, play with cats, you are all up to you!

【Variety Pinch Face ‧ Delicate Makeup】

More than 600 parameters allow you to fine-tune your face, hairstyle, body shape and makeup. Really create thousands of people and thousands of faces, and never bump into faces on the road!

【Swords in the Eight Wildernesses – Martial Arts Eat Chicken】

On the sword 1v1, various multiplayer competitive events are waiting for you to challenge! Do you want to be the strongest person in the world? Use your operation and technology to compete for the first overlord of martial arts!

【Epic Level – Dungeon Challenge】

The major epic dungeons are on the stage, and the legendary people appear one by one. Do you dare to face the best of martial arts? There are many rewards waiting for you to collect after the challenge is successful!

【Enriching Social Networking ‧ Feeling Everywhere】

Gang guild, righteous knot gold orchid, intimate social interaction, make a group of real partners in a parallel time and space! not enough? You can even raid your favorite NPC!

【Exclusive Mansion ‧ Free Construction】

The vast hinterland is waiting for you to open up by yourself. Every flower and every building is decorated by you. In this world, everyone has their own world!

【The Strongest Companion – The Arrival of Gods】

A brand-new hero partner is here! The legendary Xiao Li flying knife “Ye Kai” and the undefeated sword god “Fu Hongxue” are waiting for you to collect!

The content of this game involves the sexual plots of game characters wearing prominent sexual characteristics, the plots of virtual love or marriage, and the plots of violent fights.

This game is free to use, but some in-game content or services require additional fees.

Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in games, which may affect your physical and mental health.

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