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2023-06-16 21:13:19
Free Trivia Game
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About 一般人格付けチェック-あなたは何流ですか?禁断のテスト

“What are you a general?”

Will you have what it takes to say who’s the “ultimate civilian” for Perfect Nomiss?…

◆ Examples of questions ◆
“Who should be the highest-ranked A5 rank Japanese Black Beef?”
“Who photos the ocean taken by a professional?”
“Who deserves a festive bag to wrap up $20,000 in our wedding?”
“Whose cat with a bloodline?”

Obviously, there are questions that test your general knowledge, which are indispensable for ordinary people.
If you answer them all correctly, you will deserve a name for “Super Top”.

◆ How to play ◆
1. Carefully read the sentence and tap the one that fits your subject
2. Press “Answer” to check the correct answer
3. Once you have a correct answer, answer the next question. If you have an incorrect answer, simply answer again.
4. After solving all 50 questions, you get a rank ranked by the number of questions you answered correctly at the first time

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