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2023-06-16 18:58:52
Free Role Playing Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+


About ラストワルプルギス

A tower defense battle with hundreds of dot characters! Collect over 30 unique witches!

Last Walpurgis is a tower defense battle game where you collect witches scattered around the world and fight against humans.

■Battle with hundreds of dot characters mixed together

Hundreds of dot characters are jumbled together in tower defense type battles. Each character fights at their own discretion, but can also activate powerful ultimate skills at your command.

Let’s use the ultimate skill well and lead the witches to victory!

■ A dark story about the battle between witches and saints

A witch who has an immortal body and controls powerful magic,

With a saint who can eat immortal flesh and kill witches

A story depicting a fierce battle.

The witches cornered by the saints put their last hope on

It was to revive the evil god through the Walpurgis ritual…

■Enjoy a variety of builds

Every time you win a battle, you get witches and equipment.

It’s all up to you to decide which witches to recruit and which equipment to acquire.

Find a combination of powerful witches and equipment to defeat powerful enemies!

■ Over 30 unique witches

More than 30 witches can be friends!

Each person has their own fighting style and story.

Collecting them and expanding the range of builds is one of the pleasures of this game.

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