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ブルーロック Project: World Champion

About ブルーロック

The person who survives to the last one can become the best striker in the world. This is another possible story that may have existed in such a “Blue Rock” project.

■ Story

“Your assistant is fired.

“From now on, I will ask you to lead the players.”

as one of the assistants

You who participated in the “Blue Rock (Blue Prison)” project

With an artistic mind seeking a new “chemical reaction”

Appointed as coach of players

■ Raise the strongest striker you envision

In “Training”, you can raise your favorite players as you like!

Which status to strengthen, what kind of skill to acquire, everything is determined by your skill!

Let’s create your own strongest striker!

■ Original story only for this work

In “Training”, an original story with the players unfolds!

Let’s support their growth while communicating with players in training!

■ Grab the victory in a heated game

The game adopts an auto system that even soccer beginners can easily enjoy!

Burn the achievements of the players into your eyes!

■Challenge with your own strongest team

Compete with your rivals with your trained players!

What kind of players will you develop and what kind of team will you aim for?

Explode your ego and vision and derive the winning formula!

©Muneyuki Kinjo, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha/Blue Rock Production Committee

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