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2023-06-16 19:06:13
Free Role Playing Game
Requires Android
Android 4.0.3+


About ダンジョンズウィッチーズ

Over 100 playable characters. An RPG that just keeps adventuring in a fantasy world full of beautiful girls. Please feel like subscribing to the weekly serialized manga.

◆ Emergency public relations page in case of trouble / Twitter ◆

◆ Game content introduction ◆

While collecting and raising beautiful girl characters (sometimes handsome)

It’s something like an RPG that just keeps hacking and slashing.

If you want to collect units quickly and continue quest digestion, please use the difficulty level Crispy.

If you want to challenge strong opponents with ingenuity and get more rewards, please try Hard-Lunatic.

Although it is a poor content of personal production, I hope you enjoy it.

◆ Summary ◆

Ellegarden, a sword infested with many monsters and a magical different world.

The stage is Berna, the land of witches,

A magical powerhouse with a great elf queen.

This is a boy whose life was saved by two flying witches

A story that just keeps fighting strongly and brightly with many adventurers.

◆ About reports and consultations about problems ◆

Please be sure to contact us by email or Twitter.

Even if you write it in the review

Detailed individual correspondence and confirmation are not possible.

◆ About creators of in-app images / BGM etc. ◆

We will introduce it on the following page.

Thank you very much for this time.

◆ Other precautions ◆

The live / play video distribution of this application

You may go without permission.

The release of fan art is also welcome.

◆ Disclaimer ◆

・ This app is a personally produced game app.

Please note that support will depend on the creator’s spare capacity.

-Due to the nature of android, some functions may not be available depending on the terminal and OS.

・ Game specifications and difficulty levels may change due to updates.

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