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Free Strategy Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+


About ザ・グランドマフィア

Form the strongest organization and stand at the top of the mafia!

Hisakata’s hometown was smeared with assassinations and territorial disputes.

The city is shrouded in darkness, and the boundaries between good and evil are becoming ambiguous…

The fate of a city full of conspiracies is in your hands!

Your choice will change your destiny!

■ The world view is upgraded with a scenario of over 500,000 characters!

■Move to the city at will! Fight against powerful enemies from around the world and conquer the underworld!

■Let’s overcome with strategy by making full use of 4 types of soldiers and numerous hero skills!

■ Equipped with a super realistic beauty system! Unique beauties from each country add glamor to battles and private lives!

The Grand Mafia is a real-time multiplayer co-op strategy game! Become a mafia boss and build your own family, collect heroes from all over the world, and strengthen your arsenal! Use your ingenuity to defeat your enemies and expand your power! Join forces with your friends to rule the city and the world!

☆Completely reproduce the world of the Mafia! ☆

Do whatever it takes to expand your power, risking your life for your friends… Such a mafia world is here! Form an organization to develop your industry and become the undisputed boss!

☆ Challenge rivals around the world! ☆

Players from all over the world sometimes become enemies and sometimes friends! Crush your enemies by all means, cooperate with your organization’s friends, and aim for the top of the world!

☆ Join forces to defeat the enemy! ☆

Join an organization and run through the battlefield with your friends! Organized battles, mayoral battles, state chief battles, subjugation of street champions… Many battles are waiting for you! Let’s rewrite the legend of the mafia now!

☆ Collect heroes by exploring the streets! ☆

Explore the streets freely and enjoy a world full of lust and violence! Heroes with various skills will become shields to survive on the streets, and pierce enemies in conflicts between organizations! Follow the hero and run up the road to the strongest!

☆ Realistic battles! ☆

Expressing a tense battle with 3D graphics! In addition to powerful hero battle skills, check out the detailed battle scenes such as villa raids / defense battles, urban battles, retreat battles, and more!

☆ Grab victory by forming a team! ☆

Strategy is the key to victory! Determine the compatibility of gangs, shooters, bikers, and vehicles, and make full use of 6 types of formations to emerge victorious from adversity!

☆ Build your own mafia empire! ☆

Level up the villa, set traps and attack the enemy! Train your soldiers, invest in industry, and expand your family! Strengthen your heroes and defeat your enemies! If you’re tired of fighting, take a break with a date with Venus or a secret deal! Build your own mafia empire in The Grand Mafia!

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+++ [Recommended environment] +++

Android5 or higher, required capacity 2GB


*Some items are charged.

*Please refrain from continuous play for a long time.

*There are violent expressions such as bloodshed, anti-social expressions, and sexual expressions such as costumes that reveal a lot.

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