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2023-06-15 12:45:27
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

キュービックスターズ ギリギリ直感シューティングゲーム

About キュービックスターズ ギリギリ直感シューティングゲーム

Experience an easy-to-use shooting RPG! Tilt to shoot enemies! A new type of shooting game where up to 4 players can cooperate

A new type of shooting game! Tilt to shoot enemies! Barely Intuitive Shooting “Cubic Stars”

Enjoy an unprecedented gyro shooting game! Challenge powerful enemies in up to 4-player co-op!

◆ Shooting game “Cubic Stars” recommended for such people

・ I want to play a casual shooting game

・I want to play a shooting game where I can get together with my friends and have fun

・ I want to play a shooting game that can use monster strike characters

・ I want to play a shooting game with a new operation method

・ I want to play games in the Monster Strike (Monst) series

・I often play shooting games

・Looking for games related to Monster Strike

◆ Cubic Stars (Cuvista) Introduction

A story of hope descending into a world of calamity.

“Forbidden (Pandora’s) Box” opened by someone.

Residents of Strike World were suddenly sucked in as the lid opened.

In another world that spreads out in the box,

There were monsters that had turned into cubes.

Communication with the companion who went to investigate earlier has also been cut off, and the mystery only deepens.

Why is there another world inside the box?

Why did the monsters become cubes?

In order to gather the strength of the remaining members and save the friends who were turned into cubes,

Get up now!

◆Completely original story presented by gorgeous voice actors in full voice!

Pandora: CV. Yui Ogura

Nostradamus: CV. Rie Kugimiya

Solomon: CV. Maaya Uchida

Sherlock Holmes: CV. Sumire Uesaka

Robin Hood: CV. Hinata Tadokoro

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