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2023-06-16 19:14:51
Free Role Playing Game
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

ちびっこヒーローズ ほうち, 放置ゲーム, RPG

About ちびっこヒーローズ

In commemoration of the release, we are giving away a start dash privilege that is useful for adventure Light Month Pass x 30 days Holy Equipment Selection Ticket x 3 Hell Equipment Acquisition Ticket x 3

The new neglected replay training RPG is finally here!

Become a hero in the world of royal road fantasy and save the world!

■ Player-friendly neglected full-scale RPG

A stress-free training system where all actions lead to growth.

Equipped with a double speed function, the large damage that flows like a waterfall is exhilarating MAX!

Auto battle and laps are possible in all modes!

It is also recommended for busy people because it is full of convenient systems that are free from troublesome training.

■ Infinite growth and vast content

There is no maximum level limit. A feeling of growth that will not stop even if the amount of damage exceeds 100 million!

Endless stages, dungeons, co-op, arenas, etc.

We have prepared a wide variety of content that is deep and deep.

Equipment and skills are not the only growth factors! Arrange freely by combining various options

Anyone can get stronger at a good tempo.

■ Full collection

Over 500 avatars, over 200 equipment,

More than 100 fascinating adventure companions are waiting for you!

Dragons, elves, dwarves, crusaders and odins,

Join the inhabitants of the fantasy world and adventure in your own style!

■ Title BGM

Manami Matsumae

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■ Contact information

Email: [email protected]

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