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2023-06-16 20:13:50
Free Sports Game
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Android 4.4+


About がちんこホームラン競争&続編

This is a baseball home run competition against a pitching machine. You can also play all the sequels that have been powered up.

This is a baseball home run competition against a pitching machine.

You will face the pitching machines that appear one after another.

At first, it throws only straight balls, but gradually throws curve balls and powerful magic balls.

It’s a simple game, but it was a very popular game during the Garake era, and I recommend it whether you like baseball or not!

●September 2022 update information
You can also play the sequel & derivative games “Gachinko Magic Ball Competition” and “Gachinko Pitcher” as well as “Gachinko Home Run Tournament” and “Gachinko Home Run Tournament 2”, which were released for a fee (free by viewing videos). I got it!

◆ Gachinko magic ball competition
It is a game where you can compete with a tremendous magic ball (aka Ma! Home run competition). In addition to adding magic balls, titles have been changed and songs have been added.

◆ Gachinko Pitcher
It is a game that becomes a pitcher and hits the batter, contrary to the Gachinko home run competition. Count counts like real baseball. There are ability growth (development elements), titles, and various pitches, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

◆ Gachinko Home Run Tournament
The goal is to beat other rival high schools in Koshien! In addition to yourself (the batter), you can train a pitcher (I don’t do pitching). Abilities can be lowered, and experience points can be accumulated.

Although the magic ball is not the main focus, many magic balls not found in the conventional home run competition series will appear. In addition to responding to the many requests for left-handed, the switch is now selectable.

◆ Gachinko Home Run Tournament 2
It is a sequel to the Gachinko Home Run Tournament, and it is a game that combines the Gachinko Pitcher with the home run competition series of games that control pitchers. We aim to win the tournament in a winner-takes-all format.

You can distribute the acquired experience points as you like between batter and pitcher. Many new magic balls will also appear. The pitcher can also throw magic balls.

Along with the above app being able to play, we have adjusted the amount of experience points you can receive, including the Ginko Home Run Competition, a little more. Also, I adjusted the parameters a little so that the flight distance when pulled is slightly longer.

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