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من سيربح المليون الشاملة

About من سيربح المليون الشاملة

Who will win the million game, the comprehensive encyclopedia, the most famous Arabic question game

The application who will win the million in the comprehensive encyclopedia with the latest version, we have developed it interactively that simulates the real competition, and a new design in terms of background and colors, as well as buttons and animation, has many wonderful and interesting features and updates that will make you live in the atmosphere of competitions with family or friends.

If you are a fan of competition games such as intelligence games, crossword games, link, password or knowledge bank, this game will increase your information and add a lot of interest to it.

The Who Will Win a Million Contest is the most popular contest that has received a great deal of resonance in the Arab world because it consists of questions and answers in all fields.

The game of diverse cultural questions and answers Who will win the million with Professor George is a game full of fun and interest.

This competition has 12 stages with the stairs in the difficulty of the questions and stages, and each stage that is passed in which you get three stars.

You will get the big prize after passing all the stages, and thus you will have well-deserved proof that you have the culture and intelligence to communicate and why not participate in real competition programs.

There are also three aids available to the contestants. Each means can be used only once during the journey, about one million. Soon a fourth aid will be added, which is assistance from the public only after answering the fifth question. The means are:

1- Using the public: where the audience votes on the correct answer.

2 – Delete two answers: the system deletes two of the three wrong answers;

3 – Contact with a friend: the contestant uses a friend in order to know the correct answer;

4 – Changing the question: The question can be changed after answering the fifth question.

The participant can stop at any moment he wants, and take the amount in his balance and the stars installed during the game.

This application contains a large set of questions in the comprehensive encyclopedia material, test your culture. All you have to do is download the application to begin the journey of a million and test the level of your culture and enhance it.

Try the challenge now and test your knowledge with this fun game who will win the million in the comprehensive encyclopedia, and do not forget to put your evaluation of the game and tips that help us live up to your aspirations.

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