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كلمات متقاطعة وصور وصلة

About كلمات متقاطعة وصور

The most beautiful modern crossword game link games intelligence games search smart

We offer you a modern crossword game and developed crossword puzzles and pictures for fans of crossword games link and games password and puzzles and intelligence games

Crossword 2 is a whole new game of games connect and crosswords game and is distinguished from the rest of the crossword games It combines between the game of crosswords and a game of password and game search image

In this game you have four pictures, you have to identify what is expressed by each image and search for this word in the table scattered characters

Every word you find will make it easier for you to do the remaining tasks

When you find the four words that express the images you will find a mystery you have to solve through the remaining words from the table scattered letters

If you love gas games and link game or crosswords or password and games search for images or game four pictures or a million or other games, this game will certainly like you

The game includes a variety of cultural questions and questions illustrated in the form of an entertainment competition includes questions in science and religious questions and questions of sports and literature as it contains:

– general information

-Maps and countries

-countries’ flags

– Cultural and religious questions

– Questions intelligent and thinking

Game crossword and pictures link to a new and very interesting game of intelligence games to carry now and enjoy the most beautiful times .. There are many interesting puzzles waiting for the solution and exercise the mind and improve memory

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