عود العرب

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2023-06-16 17:23:32
Free Music Game
Requires Android
Android 4.1+

عود العرب

About عود العرب

An authentic Arabic oud made of the finest types of wood and its strings speak from the purity of their voice for free

♪♬ Arabian Oud ♬♪


■ A free professional oud that gives you a real oud sound that delights the ears

■ Contains a recording feature to listen to your music

■ Contains many background music that helps you to play

■ Contains auxiliary buttons such as applause, twitter and violin sound

■ Contains the voices of fans who encourage you to play and are happy to hear you play

■ The sound of the oud is pure and high quality, pleasing to the eye

■ The oud accepts playing with all the fingers at the same time

■ The image of the oud is beautiful, fun and HD

■ An amazing oud like no other in every store. Try it and you won’t regret it

■ A game of oriental musical instrument and strings of a musical instrument

■ Music band playing with drum sound backgrounds

■ A new Arabic game that makes you the artist

■ Arabic and Turkish oud with stereo sound and free download

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