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تحدي الكلمات كلمات كراش

About تحدي الكلمات

Intellectuals and intelligent people start their day with intersecting words, what do you need to be one of them?

Are you looking for a modern crossword game that will help you test and develop your cultural level? Do you like challenging games

Crash words? Do you want to try a challenging Arabic word game that helps you strengthen your thinking sharpness and the power of observation? Download the

Word Challenge Application – Word Crossword Game – Crash Words Free. The best intellectual game is now ready for you


Modern Crossword 2021 Word Challenge is one of the best fun and challenging games, with amazing features and good interactive design.

The new Crash word challenge game depends on your intelligence in finding the appropriate solution to all questions. It contains

On cultural and scientific questions, and no question is devoid of thinking, suspense and pleasure, and it depends mainly on

The strength of observation. All in one game. Join the crossword challenge game now and develop

Your cultural level now.

• Simple and comprehensive game

The word challenge game is considered the best integrated Arabic word game with high quality that combines competition and cooperation between

Friends and family members. The 2021 Crash word game combines difficult word challenge, similar word challenge,

And challenge the reversed words, and contains questions from various fields: culture, religion, history, politics, urbanism,

Geography, sport, Islam, science, economy.

Amazing Functions •

Word Challenge game contains many features that will improve your experience. It is a challenging word game

Crossed is one of the most beautiful games of intelligence, thinking and testing your knowledge, as it is simple and we have added important touches

And we took into account all the questions and levels of difficulty so that they are useful in addition to the appropriate design with all

Lightweight devices. Each question is a puzzle, a word, or an image, for example cars, a close-up picture, or hiccups

Puzzles or draw. So what are you waiting for? Explore our crossword challenge game now, and enjoy the answer

Interesting questions in various fields.

Features :

– Simple and easy to use

Multiple questions in different fields

– Three difficulties, easy, medium and hard

– Automatic save at the place you reached

– Choose the level of difficulty from the settings menu

– Lightweight, free and smooth game

– Various questions suitable for all ages: – General information in various fields – Thinking and intelligence questions – Cars and brands –

Religious questions – Celebrities and football players – Maps, flags and countries – Modern and various questions

– When trying to solve each question, the answer is examined, which prevents mistakes that spoil the puzzle

– The gameplay is developed to suit smart devices

– Puzzles are carefully built and of high quality


Winner of the best educational entertainment game award in the Arab world 2021. It has more than three thousand questions in various fields

Filled with various new, useful and entertaining information that makes you think a lot to get answers that will help you

To remember

Information always in the future

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