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تحديات جوالك فوق راسك – مسابقة

About تحديات جوالك فوق راسك – مسابقة

The best Arab game entirely, and the player puts the mobile on his forehead, and the word …

And his friends will try to describe the word so that you know it through gestures and any hints

Put the mobile on your head and the game will start, then the application will show a word from the section that will be selected and all your colleagues will describe the word through movements, description, singing or hints, and you have to know the word with the help of your colleagues without them mentioning the word through your mobile game on your head!

This application is a game like a game without words or your mobile on your head, you need a friend for you or your colleagues (more than one person) to play with him or with them a group game competitions, where you start the game after choosing the appropriate section for you and then put the mobile On your head, a word appears that you must know through its representation, gestures, word description, singing, or hints to you by your friend or colleagues who are playing with you.

If you know the word and it is correct, move the phone down to calculate a correct point, but if the word is wrong or you want to skip the word, tilt the text to the top to skip the word and show another word. Attention, there is a limited time.

At the end, the test result will show you the number of errors and correctness, as well as all the words displayed.

Among the features of the application is a light and easy game, as well as group challenges, contests, and you can also share the application with friends and family through the participation icon.

Also, this application is called by several names, including: Show the word or game without words, as well as 90 seconds guess the word

And also there are people who call it your mobile phone on your forehead or your mobile phone over your head ^^


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