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2023-06-16 14:05:06
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إدارة الملفات (حمّل)

About إدارة الملفات (حمّل)

File management application.. An integrated program for managing, arranging, downloading, and saving your files.

File management application (download) .. an integrated program for managing, arranging, downloading and saving your files

Features of the file management application:

– Remove music from videos and audios

– Remove the human voice from video and audios

– A section for managing all files, and the ability to create folders to arrange or modify files

– The possibility of stopping the download and resuming it later

– Support for downloading several clips at once, and the ability to download them all in the background

– The ability to download by clicking on the word “Download”, without the need to paste the link

– The ability to download images and documents such as books, documents, texts, images, etc., if they are via a direct link

– The possibility of arranging files by size, name, type or date

And other advantages that we will leave for you to discover on your own..

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