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Слова из слова: игра на двоих

About Слова из слова: игра на двоих

Make words from a word with an online opponent

Compete with an online rival by making words from a word.

Make words from the letters of the word – a popular word puzzle game in Russian. Using the letters of the Russian alphabet, you need to make words from a word. You can see the meaning of a word by clicking on it. This game will help you expand your lexicon and show you what words you don’t know yet.

After completing this game, you can safely be called an erudite with a developed linguistic instinct: you will easily select synonyms, antonyms, find word root and < i>single-root words, be able to do analysis of a word by composition.

Do not be discouraged if you could not guess all the words – not everyone can do this, the earned points will help you – using them you can open unguessed words.
The game is also known as Philwords, Anagram, Hangman.

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