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2023-06-16 21:03:41
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Сильное звено

About Сильное звено

Who is the strongest link?

Six opponents for the game will be one team! Just holding on to each other, like links of a strong chain, players will replenish the bank. But even the chain sometimes breaks! Each round the team will, by voting, throw out one of the weakest players. Only one left! Only the strongest link of this chain will be able to leave with a victory and take the entire bank earned by the team!

“Strong Link” is an online gambling quiz where you have to apply not only your knowledge, but also a certain strategy that will allow you to stay in the team until the final and snatch the victory!

Five features of the game that will surprise you:

1) Unique gameplay for quiz games

2) The atmosphere of the game with the voiced voice leading

3) You can set your photo on the avatar

4) Built-in store where you can spend the money earned

5) Your own player rating, available from the game and online.

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