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2023-06-16 21:26:28
Free Word Game
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Android 5.0+

Разбить слова игра в слова

About Разбить слова

break words – both an interesting game and a vocabulary to learn

Words are the basis of language learning. You can use Split Words to memorize and practice spelling words.


-Simple operation: just swipe your fingers to split the word.

-Play Anytime, Anywhere: No Wi-Fi connection required.

-Educational Fun: The Word Break game contains tens of thousands of word blocks. It is a good dictionary for learning a language.

-Massive Levels: More than 10 thousand levels of increasing difficulty, which are very easy to start but difficult to complete, are brain puzzles.

How to play:

-Choose letters by swiping your fingers across the screen of your device, thus making a line of the word;

-If the letters you have chosen can be composed into a word corresponding to the theme of the level, then the word will automatically disappear, and the result will be credited to you;

-Follow the theme of these letter blocks to carefully form the word, which can help you remove the letter block to complete the level faster.

-The levels have words of reward. When you find a word that doesn’t match the standard answer, it will be added to the bonus words box.

This is a word game that’s harder than it sounds! How far can you go?

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