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Викторина о СССР

About Викторина о СССР

Remember the days of the CCCP? Download the game and dive into the memories!

The quiz about the times of the USSR is more than 500+ exciting levels about an interesting time!

Tired of all the newfangled? Then welcome! Grab a cup of hot tea and get comfortable.

You will have a fascinating journey to the times of the USSR, during a wonderful childhood and reckless youth.

What is waiting for you? An entertaining quiz, which is dedicated to such relatives, from whom the heart aches at the objects and events of “Sovka”.

At each level, you see a picture with a related question above it. Your task is to guess and enter the answer to the question in the empty cells. If you encounter difficulties, you can always use the hint. Coins are awarded for each completed level. Here they can be used to help.

Click on the “download” button and… LET’S GO! We guarantee – Time will fly by the game unnoticed!

Have questions or wishes? Write to mail. We will definitely answer you!

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